• Dedicated to laboratories

Newzon’s provides 5 dedicated services to pharmaceutical laboratories: pre-wholesale, agent, consignment, licensed pharmaceutical production (in Algeria), and marketing services

Based in Algiers, E.P.DIS Algérie is a pre-wholesale importer of pharmaceutical products from international pharmaceutical companies for wholesale-distributors and Algerian hospitals.

  • Dedicated to wholesalers

Newzon’s , through Continental Pharmaceutique ans Stockpharma oversees consolidation and export of pharmaceutical products to subsidiaries and to other companies

  • Dedicated to pharmacists

Newzon has a network of 40 partner companies offering a reliable and high quality supply to its customers

 In its wholesale business, Newzon limited’s delivers to some 5,000 retail pharmacies as well as hospitals and public entities in ASEAN, CIS, LATAM, Africa and the French overseas territories every day, through its network of companies. We import and distribute products from about 450 pharmaceutical companies.

  • Dedicated to international procurement

Newzon’s , through the companies Missionpharma, EHS and Fazzini has developed a large offer of products and services: medical kits, drugs, consumer goods and hospital equipment’s

Newzon was a public center dedicated to customer service height of 3 companies.
Missionpharma, EHS ( Newzon Healthcare Services) and Fazzini. These companies distribute all of the following products and services:

  • Kits distribution of medical and paramedical equipment,
  • Generic medicines,
  • Supplies and hospital equipment.